A go-to-market guide to meeting product P0's

A Talk by Jacob Batist
Product Marketing Lead, Shopify

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About this talk

To support a product P0, a PMM has to diligently determine the outputs they'll need to impact the company meeting at that moment. When tasked with a P0 GTM, here are the key stages and questions that every PMM should ask:

1. Evaluation of priority level:

- What is the impact on revenue?

- How long will this message stay in market?

- Is this a category-defining moment?

- How will this differentiate us from competitors?

2. Could-, should-, and must-haves:

- Do we understand of market context (competition, market trends, journey map)? If not, do we need to?

- Do we need new messaging, packaging assessment, pricing review, and value prop? If not, why?

- Do we understand our funnel strategy? If not, do we need to?

- Do we need to enable sales? If not, how come?

3. Level of effort by channel:

- What's the worst thing that could happen if this channel is not included?

- How many customers will be impacted?

- What value will be lost to the customer?

- How does this impact the forward progress of the product moment?

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